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Welcome to the house that search built. Back before we were a full-service agency, search is where we hung our hat. And in the years since then, we’ve grown to be one of the leading agencies in the field. Our formula is simple, really. See beyond the now. Adapt. Evolve. The results speak for themselves. Our “Turning Flight Cancellations into Hotel Reservations” work for Red Roof Inn has been heralded by Forrester as the standard in discovery marketing, and can be considered the most awarded mobile search campaign ever. And we’ve been cited by Forrester as a “Leader” in their past three WAVE™ reports evaluating agency search marketing practices.

Our Approach

Search marketing is about being there when the consumer needs you. Every request is an opportunity. Whether they’re looking for your brand specifically, or a brand like yours, it pays to get there first. But the way we get there has changed. Mobile and social media have established themselves as indispensable parts of the mix. It’s important to have an agency that knows how to put these elements to work. That’s where we come in. Our cross-channel expertise, advanced analytics and home-grown technologies help make sure brands meet consumers when and where they need them. We also maintain specialized groups across the Retail/E-Commerce, Financial Services, Media/Entertainment and Travel verticals so that brands in these categories receive search expertise tailored to their specific needs.

Proprietary Technologies

We don’t just build our own technologies, we build them to spec. By tailoring technologies to our clients’ needs, we can guarantee improved performance across the largest, most complex search programs in the world, helping increase clients’ ROI while freeing up resources for strategy and planning. Some of our many technologies include 360iTIGER, our cloud-based technology for gathering SEO and social data, our Brand Defender™ competitive intelligence tool, and our Digital Marketing Suite—one of the industry’s most advanced SEM bid optimization and digital media attribution platforms.

Paid Search

The fact that we oversee SEM budgets for some of the world’s largest global marketers speaks volumes about our capabilities. Brands seek results, and we deliver them. We accomplish this by offering something not many can: a competitive edge. As one of only a handful of agencies on Google’s SEM council, we receive early access to new products that help you stay ahead of the competition. You’ll also have an edge through our dedicated analytics team which allows us to put big data to work and uncover new opportunities for you to grow.

Search Engine Optimization

At 360i, we take a unique approach to SEO by using our very own measure of reach and share of voice across desktop and mobile. With PageShare™, we explore a brand’s search presence and behaviors to uncover hidden opportunities at the consumer level. Leveraging what we’ve learned, we create a plan that gives you ownership over critical keywords across all platforms and devices. Forrester Research awarded perfect marks to our SEO capabilities in its recent WAVE™ report evaluating agency search marketing practices.

Holistic Search Management

If your paid and natural search aren’t working together, then they’re not working as well as they could be. To make sure they do, we employ cross-channel reporting that reveals their impact on each other, as well as your overall marketing mix. We constantly watch SEO rankings and adjust SEM bidding accordingly, making sure your brand stays where it should be—at the top.


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