Digital Education and Training

Change happens. We help you navigate it.

These days, consumer behavior can be a bit unpredictable. Technological advances are changing the way people connect, and in doing so, wreaking havoc on the unprepared. In a world where brands must quickly adapt to this constantly shifting marketing landscape, it’s imperative to have an agency that is fluent in flux.

We understand it’s hard to keep up sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Our education and training programs, offered through our very own 360iU, are designed to help organizations understand and navigate this shifting terrain in order to achieve the highest levels of success and innovation.

These programs can help marketers and their organizations:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the way current disruptive forces, such as social media and mobile, change consumer behavior — and expectations of your brand
  • Utilize culture, design and technology to drive a more meaningful and engaging exchange with your customers
  • Ensure that your organization stays surefooted when the landscape shifts again

In addition to specialized training, we provide regular reports on the latest changes impacting consumer behavior and marketers.


Types of Acn-Online Programs

  • Cross-functional skills training
  • Executive education
  • Group workshops to foster collaboration and inspire big ideas
  • Full curriculum development for in-house use

Programs can be delivered in person or offsite. Certain programs can be made available as a video series, customized to your organization’s specific needs.


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